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Direction: The Closet Book, My Record Book of Prayers

Perfect Bound
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Direction! Have you ever had someone give you directions followed by, “It’s obvious! You can’t miss it!”? That is a dead give-away that I am going to get lost. Getting directions to a restaurant is one thing, but it’s a different matter when you need direction in your life. Life isn’t as simple as turn right at the second light. Because, even if you think you know where you are going in life, no one knows when the turns will come.

That is why DIRECTION is part of the series, THE CLOSET BOOK: My Record Book of Prayers.

Prayer and scripture are the Lord’s GPS. When I pray, I know I am speaking to One who knows the way and won’t let me miss it – if I ask and listen.

In Matthew 6:6 Jesus instructs us as his followers to enter our closets when we pray. Lock the door and pray to the Father who is in secret.

This book becomes your CLOSET. It will help you:

  1. Memorize one focus verse of scripture each month.
  2. Identify and keep a prioritized list of what and who needs your prayers.
  3. Easily locate and record how God answered a prayer.
  4. Remember what you asked and remember what He did.
  5. Leave behind a spiritual legacy.

My record book of prayers gives a place for my prayers and allows me to focus on what really matters – my time alone with God.

I can’t guarantee that this book will give you direction. But I can guarantee that it will direct you to the One who can.

The perfect bound version is the traditional paperback style with pages and cover glued to the spine.